Redding Fishing Reports

Your Sacramento River Guided Fishing Experience

If you're an avid angler looking to reel in some of the most sought after fish in Northern California, staying informed about current fishing outlloks is crucial. That's where our Sacramento River Fishing Report comes in! We understand that successful fishing trips depend on up-to-date information, and that's why we turn to Jerry – our trusted expert. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Jerry provides our guests with the most accurate and timely fishing reports for the Sacramento River and its surrounding lakes like Whiskeytown Lake.

We get these questions a lot, What fish are running in the Sacramento river now? Is it safe to eat fish from Sacramento River? Where is the best place to fish at Whiskeytown Lake? These are all fantastic questions. The Sacramento River sees seasonal runs of Steelhead, Salmon and striped Bass "Stripers". Anglers looking to fish for Steelhead will find that the Steelhead run is consistent from Fall to Winter. The Sacramento River is also home to a beautiful population of domestic Rainbow Trout. These can be caught consistently from spring all the way to fall when the steelhead start moving in. Fish in the Sacramento River are safe to consume but if you have further questions on that please refer to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. One of our other favorite spots to fish is Whiskeytown Lake. Here we target Kokanee, our favorite spots to fish on this lake for Kokanee are in the many coves found on this beautiful lake. We find these to be the best fishing spots on Whiskeytown Lake.

When it comes to fishing, Northern California is about as good as it gets. The Sacramento River has something for everyone all year round. In the spring we offer special Striper fishing trips (Striped Bass) on the Sacramento River. We also offer fly fishing trips year round for Rainbow Trout and Steelhead in the spring, fall and summer months. If still water is more your style we also offer trips on Whiskeytown Lake fishing for Kokanee which are a type of Landlocked Salmon.

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