Fryesfishing Fishing Photos

Check out Fryesfishing photo gallery and get ready to be blown away! Our collection of photos showcases the incredible memories made on our Sacramento River Guided fishing trips. From the moment you set foot on our boat, you'll be surrounded by breathtaking Northern California scenery and the thrill of reeling in some impressive catches.

Fryesfishing Photo Album is a collection of our guests in action. The Fish photos include Chinook Salmon (Also Called King Salmon, Quinnat Salmon, Spring Salmon, Tyee Salmon, Kippered Salmon), Rainbow Trout (Also Called ), Shad (Also Called American shad, Atlantic shad, common shad, north river shad, Potomac shad, white shad), Steelhead Trout (Also Called ). The Fishing photos are taken in Sacramento River, Trinity River